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Private Lessons:

  1. Single or Couples

  2. 30 minute or hour increments

  3. Male or Female Instructor

  4. You choose the dance(s) you want to learn.

  5. Basic instruction on individual moves or

  6. Choreograped routines

Group Lessons:

  1. Create your own group!

  2. You choose the time!

  3. 4 or more people per group

  4. 4- (1-hour long) classes or it can be an ongoing series

  5. You choose the dance(s) or you want to learn.

  6. Individual dances or choreograped routines

  7. Call us for details!

Wellness Programs - We have programs to teach and incorporate fitness and health into employees through using ballroom dances.  Dancing promotes and increases exercise as well as increases cognitive task.  Our programs have been used with companies such as Blue Cross and Blue Shield and Colonial Life.

  1. 6 Week program

  2. 90-120 minutes/ week

New student?     Ask about an introductory lesson!